First Link CPR And First Aid Training

About Us

Firstlink CPR is owned and operated by Danny and Susanne Dean in Hacienda Heights, California.  They founded Firstlink CPR and First Aid Instruction in 1996.  Susanne has worked in the Health Care Industry since 1992, beginning as a receptionist for an orthodontist.  She began working in industrial medicine and marketing Firstlink CPR to many of the local businesses who were required to maintain current CPR and First Aid training for their employees.  These included dental offices, medical clinics, schools and daycare organizations.
Since 1996, Danny & Susanne have been providing training for hundreds of dentists and their staff through their classes at local dental societies. 
Since the founding of the business, Susanne feels that there have been great changes that have taken place in the curriculum.  She states, "I think that the biggest and best change that has taken place in the years since we have begun teaching is the addition of the AEDs, Automated External Defibrillators, to the standard curriculum.  We are seeing more and more dental offices and other small businesses that are investing in these AEDs, looking at them as standard pieces of equipment.  We are now aware of the importance of the early use of these machines during a cardiac event, and that the success rate of revival drops dramatically with each minute that a victim has to wait to be defibrillated.  So not only are we teaching CPR to all of our students, but now everyone has hands-on practice with the use of the AEDs.  I think that this has helped make everyone feel more comfortable with using these lifesaving devices and less intimidated than they used to be.  There are more models and brands of AEDs out there at much more affordable prices, which has contributed to their popularity and accessibility."